How much would you pay for a cross-platform FOSS book writing app? One-time payment, no drm.

@brainblasted The fact that it's hypothetically authored by a Black person in tech: a Lot™️

@brainblasted I'd encourage you to rely on subscriptions more than one time sales.

@skeh I'd probably use a variant of markdown - I need to look into Fountain.

@brainblasted i read this as: "how much would you pay for a book on writing cross-platform FOSS apps?"

@brainblasted Depends. I'd be really wary of buying an app where I cannot test the free version to see if I can even make it work.
Is accessibility something you plan to work on? Mainly I'd like accessibility with screen readers, being blind and all, but other people's needs are of course just as important.

@Mayana Yes, accessibility would be a priority for me.

@brainblasted Excellent! I just thought I'd ask first, since at a quick glance the only impression of your standards on accessibility I can get is that you do not caption your images ... :ms_wink:
If you ever need accessibility testers, let me know, and I can do my best to help from a normal-user standpoint, and also connect you with a couple professional testers.

@Mayana Woops, I definitely need to get better about captioning, my bad!

@brainblasted Seems rather unnecessary considering there's already plenty of writing programs available. So I'd say 0$ even though I write books. Learning to use a new software more limited in scope than the one I already use does not sound appealing.

@brainblasted id pay $20 right now for a cli wrapper around pandoc that takes markdown and spits out a decent looking epub and pdf.

@brainblasted given how much I've been looking for something like this? "as much as I can afford"

so, how much is Scrivener...

@brainblasted I would happily pay 60$ ("Scrivener price") if it had good integration with cloud services and supported Android. Those are the two things I want most.

@brainblasted If it supports my style of writing (Markdown with YAML headers), structure (paths, organization), handle external changes gracefully, and I can adapt my quirks? Probably a lot. I'd even do a subscription.

@brainblasted And, importantly, did not require access to the Internet to function unless its doing a `git` command. :D

@brainblasted It depends a lot on which license is used, the features and functionality, customizability, and the language / UI kit it uses.


Depends on what features it has.

I do all my writing in Vim and track drafts in Git. Anything that played nicely with a setup like that, I could see myself potentially shelling out at least $20.

@squeakypancakes I'm thinking something simpler to work with than Latex.

@brainblasted ah, I was thinking like you push a button and it fills in the formatting in for you or something.

@brainblasted I'm not exactly the target demographic but if I guess anything up to and around $50 would be okay for western buyers, especially if you'll target macs too where people are used to paying that much for software.

If there was a Patreon/Liberapay/Comradery/.. option tho, for recurring payments, I'd prefer that instead of a traditional purchase.

In the economy I am in, more realistically, sth like ~$3-5 every quarter is much more affordable than a one time $15-20 payment.

@brainblasted I hope this works out well for you.

One thought: beware selection bias. The people who've bothered to vote here will probably be those who'd pay more than average, because they care more about a book-writing app or haven't found one that suits them. I'm struggling to think of a better way (and place) to ask the question, though, because I'm not an author.

Maybe you could complement your survey with a review of existing apps and their prices, if you've not already done that?

@brainblasted I'd pay whatever Scrivener costs for a FOSS version of Scrivener.

@brainblasted everyone in replies is bringing up useful features and other important considerations that they'd pay a premium for, so I'd just like to say: eye candy

@brainblasted i don't write books, so i don't need it.

I also don't know what a book writing app is.

I would write a book in Markdown with a nice Markdown editor like Apostrophe and convert it to PDF/ePub with pandoc. Maybe convert to Latex for print if the PDF is not enough.

Is there a need for such an app?

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