How much would you pay for a cross-platform FOSS book writing app? One-time payment, no drm.

@brainblasted The fact that it's hypothetically authored by a Black person in tech: a Lot™️

@brainblasted I'd encourage you to rely on subscriptions more than one time sales.

@skeh I'd probably use a variant of markdown - I need to look into Fountain.

@brainblasted i read this as: "how much would you pay for a book on writing cross-platform FOSS apps?"

@brainblasted id pay $20 right now for a cli wrapper around pandoc that takes markdown and spits out a decent looking epub and pdf.

@brainblasted given how much I've been looking for something like this? "as much as I can afford"

so, how much is Scrivener...

@brainblasted I would happily pay 60$ ("Scrivener price") if it had good integration with cloud services and supported Android. Those are the two things I want most.

@brainblasted If it supports my style of writing (Markdown with YAML headers), structure (paths, organization), handle external changes gracefully, and I can adapt my quirks? Probably a lot. I'd even do a subscription.

@brainblasted And, importantly, did not require access to the Internet to function unless its doing a `git` command. :D


Depends on what features it has.

I do all my writing in Vim and track drafts in Git. Anything that played nicely with a setup like that, I could see myself potentially shelling out at least $20.

@squeakypancakes I'm thinking something simpler to work with than Latex.

@brainblasted ah, I was thinking like you push a button and it fills in the formatting in for you or something.

@brainblasted I'd pay whatever Scrivener costs for a FOSS version of Scrivener.

@brainblasted everyone in replies is bringing up useful features and other important considerations that they'd pay a premium for, so I'd just like to say: eye candy

@brainblasted i don't write books, so i don't need it.

I also don't know what a book writing app is.

I would write a book in Markdown with a nice Markdown editor like Apostrophe and convert it to PDF/ePub with pandoc. Maybe convert to Latex for print if the PDF is not enough.

Is there a need for such an app?

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