Shitposting aside, I think 2022 is going to be a great year for Linux on the desktop.

@brainblasted 2022 might actually also be a great year for linux on the phone at this rate. Go Phosh!

@cwebber I think what we really need to ask is: what about Linux on the laundry machine?

@brainblasted it's already here, so new metric is "Linux on the laundry machine you can actually configure and install yourself"

@cwebber @brainblasted The year of the gentoo powered lightbulb and air conditioner.

@brainblasted it's definitely going to be a good year for linux on the desktop relative to most other things, and mostly not because of what linux or desktops are doing

@brainblasted a lot of things have been bad and getting worse in the past few years, both in tech (NFTs) and the real world (covid) but other than those things computers just do what they've always done

@brainblasted the most appropriate response to this would be to post a picture of a penguin plushie sitting on a desk with the caption "I agree" but unfortunately I cannot provide such a thing

@brainblasted Lotta shitposts in the replies but I agree, both from external push factors and the incredible features and fixes people are working diligently on. Im excited to see what happens

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