This is for folks with ADHD: do any of you have tips and tricks for staying on track when trying to learn a new skill or improve a skill on your own?

@ben Same, but I can't really control when I hyperfixate :/

I try to make it a game, connect it with a special interest of mine, listen to game music ( bc it is designed to keep you engaged) or use parallel work (play).
If there will be a problem with hyperfixation, o try to "make time visible". Means set an alarm, watching youtube videos (no playlists no autoplay), hear music (diffrent playlists with diffrent times no autoplay)

Hope it helps

@brainblasted I try to clean my desk and close currently unneeded browser tabs and applications so as not to get distracted… 😬

@brainblasted Woah, that’s a tough one. Are usually try to learn something that leads me to a purpose. For example learning a new language to travel to a specific country. But as you can see this is not a very good solution for just any skill. Learning a skill that I don’t want to learn or in which I don’t see any higher purpose is very very difficult for me. One thing that sometimes helps me there is setting a timer that reminds me every day to study.

@brainblasted community js the only thing I have found that helps at all and even then it’s iffy.

@brainblasted I can relate and don't have a strategy that works in all cases.

In case you don't know yet, here is a good video with some tips:

When learning new languages, doing a course with other people and homework has helped me to make progress.

At work, breaking things down into smaller tasks is usually helpful (and also provides better feedback to other team members).

When making music, it just sometimes feels the right time. Often there are long gaps between.

@brainblasted small pieces, fast feedback, learn with friends, visualize progress, I give myself tiny stars for reaching certain goals.
I also sign up for a talk on a subject where I know some and want to know more.

@brainblasted I try to set small bite sized goals so even if I get distracted I can have a sense of accomplishment. Repeat many many days and eventually I'll actually gotten somewhere.

@brainblasted Having a deadline. Otherwise, I have more pressing stuff to do like… hey, a squirrel!

@brainblasted My #1 tip (of limited help) is to make sure that it's a skill that you're motivated to improve. If it's something I feel I *ought* to learn but am not particularly interested in... maybe I could use some tips & tricks of my own.

Beyond that, I've found it really useful to post daily/regular progress updates somewhere where people might cheer you on. For example, I kept a daily log here when I was doing Nanowrimo, and even just seeing someone favourite my posts made a difference.

@brainblasted I try to find the instant gratification in the task of learning. if I do, I can usually engage my hyperfocus and just consume new skill like I'm desperately hungry for it. Do the fun part first.

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