I still don't get how I made that S76 post with detailed information on everything that happened - including multiple instances of straight-up misinformation spread on their end - yet the consensus around it was "GNOME bad".

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It feels like everyone is free to treat contributors like crap and lie about our work because "GNOME bad"

@brainblasted I really understand your intentions of that one but communication-wise doing these kinds of trackrecord releases are really effective, and not proper org culture IHO

Personally I don't think it's good that there are individual developers should be the ones communicate outwards these types of things

The "com team" and gnomes spokesperson should have been the sole media contact making a more proper press release where the spokesperson is more active in the media picture

@brainblasted I think system76s press website blog post was much better in terms of optics, i'm not sure if they did a press release as well

But I think if there are like in a sense unofficial posts that arent from the central body, they have less weight.

And I don't think getting every detail and the whole story is important, but focusing on the grand narrative, the two sentence story and the optics of it

@brainblasted but personally I found your post enlightening and that the whole thing is pretty unfair

@christoffer There is no com team. There is no spokesperson. Speaking as an individual was the only option.

@brainblasted i understand. It's unideal conditions which you cannot do anything about.

A personal feeling is that organizational structure, org culture and org skills is very lacking overall in opensource and it seems its all about general attitude

Orgs being only devs saying they can do more with more money but dont set off specialization to org stuff, recruitment of volunteers or anything like that to a good degree.

@brainblasted although I must add that gnome is not the big problem in the community while it def can be improved

@christoffer @brainblasted GNOME Foundation doesn't pay any devs either though. Some people are hired by other orgs like Purism, Red Hat, Endless, but most are unpaid volunteers.

A lot of people think GNOME is a company, while it's really not. That's why there's no spokesperson either.


While that is true, that is not my pespective.

I have many years of experience with volunteer organizations at one point being general secretary, county leader etc, later ive been org advisor and done communication work for the green party of norway, and now created my own free software org

And from my view opensource are doing really badly the three cores, communication, recruitment and to some degree funding.



And what these ors seem to need to need the most are organization people which is kind of ironic. There are loads of skills kind of missing. More corporate orgs do a bit better

And the sad truth is that if you are not a developer you are not likely to be picked up by any project even though its skills that are lacking. Much because a lot of it is unorganized devs talking in chat and are a part of inside circle.


@brainblasted I’m baffled by this. GNOME literally has decades of work to show for its success. It’s the major backbone of most modern Linux distributions‘ UI .. but sure, GNOME bad, new stuff good.

Orange Website is already pretty abysmal, but the comments are the rotten cherry on top

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