I hate capitalism because no one can just make cool things. Every cool thing needs to be monetized or people aren't able to work on it for long.

@brainblasted Despite all the assurances by economists, turns out "profitable" isn't a good proxy for "good". Who would have guessed.

@eldaking @brainblasted monetization of human existence is capitalism's end goal. Which will destroy us, inevitably...

@eldaking @brainblasted Also I read a study from a bunch of years ago that shows how, psychologically, money doesn't motivate, but is used to manipulate.
tldr: 'Rewards have a punitive effect because they, like outright punishment, are manipulative. “Do this and you’ll get that” is not really very different from “Do this or here’s what will happen to you.” '
We need capitalism to die for humanity to live.

@ailurocrat @brainblasted @eldaking There is a book “Intrinsic motivation at work”, which is effectively the long version of that hbr article. Glad to see there is effectively a Cliff’s Notes for it.

@Br0m3x @eldaking @brainblasted @ailurocrat Who are you asking? For me the answer is zero. Though I should try it as an experiment. I’m willing to live anywhere for a year.

@ailurocrat @brainblasted @eldaking @Br0m3x What country would you suggest, if I want to experience the communist life for a year? And I should say I’m not looking to experience the shittiest country (would that be n.korea?)… But what’s a communist country that’s a good representation communism working for the people as best it can?

@koherecoWatchdog @brainblasted @eldaking @Br0m3x nationalism is as hostile to human flourishing as capitalism is. The only legitimate form of communism is anarchist communism, imo...

@ailurocrat @Br0m3x @eldaking @brainblasted in that case what countryless region would you suggest I move to in order to experience communism at its best?

@koherecoWatchdog @Br0m3x @eldaking @brainblasted it's a work in progress, just because an ideal world doesn't exist yet is more reason to dream it into existence!

@koherecoWatchdog @Br0m3x @eldaking @brainblasted also there is more variety in anti capitalist thought than just communism...anarchist collecivism, solarpunk ideals, etc...all varieties of anti authoritarian anti capitalist ideas will be a path to human flourishing...

@ailurocrat @brainblasted @eldaking @Br0m3x I tried to get through that article b/c I was trying to work out how communism can be compatible with anarchy. It’s quite abstract and preachy w/overly long sentences, so I could only get ⅓rd through it. Found a statement “The no-capitalist system implies the no-government system.” I can’t accept that at face value & it doesn’t seem well supported.

@Br0m3x @eldaking @brainblasted @ailurocrat My patience was worn quite thin at that point, so maybe it’s explained somewhere but I didn’t catch it.

@ailurocrat @brainblasted @eldaking @Br0m3x Points 4 & 5 are where it gets dicey. I probably wouldn’t want to be the paralysed autistic one who’d reach near starvation on days where the inconsistent aid dips a bit too low, where contributions come unequally from fewer donors. Or to be a slave to Amazon trapped by lack of unemployment aid. Or to be deemed too high of a risk for affordable health insurance thus uninsured.

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@ailurocrat @brainblasted @eldaking @Br0m3x I think the billionaires in that image would be quite pleased to have no limits on the extent they can exploit workers & to have the freedom to /not/ treat them as equals. It’d be Bezos’ wet dream.

@Br0m3x @eldaking @brainblasted @ailurocrat Well, on 2nd thought maybe the trapped Amazon slave (or sacked worker) could rob people until they line up their next gig since theft wouldn’t be illegal IIUC.

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@brainblasted If I keep building things I like, that doesn't count.

If you build things I like, and I build things you like, that doesn't count if no money changes hands.

But I can buy junk from you for $500 and buy it back for $500 all day long, and that counts forever:

@brainblasted I love open societies. Everybody is open to make cool things and share it with other makers, choose the license one likes or even make a living from it. This is the opposite of forms of society, where everything is decided by others for you.

@brainblasted I have kind of the opposite perspective. The mindboggling amount of cool things that does exist unmonetized in the commons is an indictment of capitalism's foundational quid-pro-quo assumption.

@brainblasted Even if you have the means to do something cool and not worry about money, if it is cool enough money will just take it from you.

@brainblasted @rysiek And people who make cool things compromise them for the sake of fitting the goals of capitalism. Capitalism makes good products bad.

@marcus_harrison @brainblasted @rysiek the rot goes back even further than that

it makes good things into "products"

@brainblasted I suspect a lot of this has to do with the fact that manufacturing has moved to places with much lower standards of living, which has made it so you can't sell at competitive prices except in quantities big enough to be worth manufacturing overseas. That seems like it could be at least as big a catastrophe for making things as mass production itself.

@brainblasted as much as I cannot see a viable alternative for an economical system I this is so true and the bane of my existence...


Mods. I hate when there's a cool total conversion mod that years of work go into and then the company that owns the IP (that they haven't iterated on in like, 15 years) is like "Hey that's our copyright! Shut it down! Shut it down!"

@brainblasted Yeah, capitalism has that nice feedback mechanism, telling people that they're just wasting resources on something nobody wants/needs.

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