Hey everyone. I've got some exciting plans to share regarding what I want to work on for GNOME 43 and beyond. Take a look here:

If you're excited for any of this, please do consider supporting me on Patreon or GitHub sponsors, or reach out if you want to figure out another way to support these initiatives.

@brainblasted Always totally excited to see what you're working on!! I'm subscribed to your Patreon already, I'll put more in when I can afford it x

Hey Chris !
Not sure where you are located at and if accepting donations via @Liberapay is / could be an option for you ?
Love the work you're doing on Gnome !

@brainblasted Really interesting and interested in "Libadwaita Recoloring API". It's been some time that I ask for a "darker" theme for Libadwaita (dark title bar and light content), it would be easier with this 🤓

@brainblastedI believe that it would be smart to keep the file chooser and our file browser in sync by making the file chooser a part of the file chooser.

I think there’s a typo on there :blobcateyes:

@brainblasted will moving Nautilus’ file chooser from GTK into Nautilus leave behind other apps requiring a file chooser (because they’ll either need to reimplement the file chooser from Nautilus or resign to using the one from GTK)?

@staticvoidmaine No - apps use GtkFileChooserNative which calls xdg-desktop-portal. xdg-desktop-portal calls the highest priority portal implementation for your desktop setup. Currently xdg-desktop-portal-gnome brings up a GTK4 FileChooserDialog, and instead it would bring up Nautilus. If apps are doing things right by using GtkFileChooserNative currently they shouldn't need to change anything to get this.

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