Thoughts on modern computer usage 

It really makes me sad that so many people use computers without actually knowing how to use computers. This isn't to be elitist or anything, and it's not about learning programming. But there are so many times I've seen people who do not know how files work, or don't know how to troubleshoot. So they often end up doing things that don't make sense, or get taken advantage of. Not really sure what I can do other than try to teach people when I notice, but I've seen so many people just give up when I try to help them understand some issue.

Thoughts on modern computer usage 


But it’s even worse than that

Anyone should be able to modify any button to do whatever they expected it to do

What is needed there is vulgar programming—programming “for the masses.” Goal oriented automation languages

What's the only vulgar programming language? Excel. And Excel is *so* magical. And gets a lot of magic from the fact that you can try something and see if it's right and compare with doing it “the hard way”

Thoughts on modern computer usage 

@brainblasted But Excel kinda sucks, why does it suck?

Because it was whipped into existence by folks who weren't aware they were building the future of programming... So they didn't build in mechanisms of abstraction, mechanisms to build GUIs atop your spreadsheet, mechanisms to publish a “form input” that could somehow email or SMS messages back to you Google Forms-style.

So much fertile ground for a car that lets everyone peek under the hood

Thoughts on modern computer usage 

@brainblasted The newer generations have so much faith in app makers that their data will be safe. Unfortunately for them, they will probably learn the hard lessons about security and backup the hard way. (Like most of us have) That's not even getting into the value of FOSS.

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