The US doesn't stand for anything we say we do. We don't care about liberty and justice for all. We aren't the land of opportunity. We're in a tyrannical police state that has lost any semblance of common sense. I don't think we should bother pretending we're the best anymore.

@brainblasted truth.

Scene on Radio podcast did a whole impeccably-researched season about exactly this:

Can't recommend it enough for anyone who still does not get what you just said.

@brainblasted Agreed.

I would add that the US was never the best, and will always pretend to be the best to salve the suffering citizens who need that particular salve.

We should get into the habit of not referring to the state as “we”. The state has been captured by the multinationals, who together form a kind of whole other country. “We” are just the people, we have more in common with the people of Djibouti than with Nancy Pelosi and Jeff Bezos.

@lefarfadet @brainblasted oh yeah all states have been captured by the multinationals, and their billionaires and their puppets in all governments form this extra country of the elite. Elitistan as it were.

@lefarfadet @brainblasted I mean some of the elite are Bill Gates, and some are like Paris Hilton. They share common interest deriving from extreme wealth and exercise class solidarity.

@brainblasted Last Week Tonight with John Oliver reminds me every week how glad I should be not to live in the US :)

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