So, anyone know of a company in Europe willing to hire and import a software engineer from the US? Asking for a friend.

@brainblasted …well the local companies involved in FOSS I can think of around are Igalia… maybe Codethink or Collabora if you count the UK… maybe SUSE… Linaro?????

@brainblasted then again, you can just try to go to the big US corporations who have offices around here like Red Hat

oh and there’s Canonical ofc (again UK)

@brainblasted I think Sweden has a programme specifically targeting US tech workers, I will check if I can find a link

@brainblasted We're always looking for interesting profiles who may fit Igalia, and we have experience helping out people get visas and move to Spain.

Take a look at and please don't be discouraged by the seemingly very specialized roles we search for—we've hired folks from the GNOME community before, and as long as you wouldn't mind working in one of those areas, having paid time for learning should not be an issue.

@brainblasted @Tutanota is hiring, but I don't think they will hire from the US 🤔

@JSkier @brainblasted We are hiring from the US, if they are willing to move to Hanover, do tell them to apply! :)

@brainblasted Atlassian might do it. They are hiring lots of people right now globally. And have been known to move people around from the USA and elsewhere.

@brainblasted Sentry's Vienna office already has hired several ppl from the US and still hiring. If the company interests you but current open roles don't let me know, I can see if they're interested anyway

@brainblasted If importing means relocating to Europa, you could see whether one of these fits what they would like to do:

We’re mostly communicating in English, so language should not be a barrier.


Try getting in touch with CoTech :D

They know people and cooperatives from all over the planet. :D

@brainblasted You might want to check our job offers:

If you're interested or have questions ping me.

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