Do you prefer music applications that load and manage your tagged library, or music applications that are based around loading files and directories?

@meena @brainblasted as with photos etc.: don't do anything to my files unless i tell you to do anything to my files, but also let me search everything and display it however i feel like.

Tagged, but I use Picard to properly tag, rename, and move all files so that both my tags and files/directories are in order

@wakingrufus @brainblasted Same here, I'm obsessively tagging my music and even adding metadata to Musicbrainz when it's missing. Old-school music players ala Amberol are great to read a specific set of songs (e.g. my recent downloads), but most of the time, my preferred way of starting my music is: launch music app > type first letters of artist or album > point mouse to big juicy cover art > click and forget.

@brainblasted gave it a bit of thought I dont think every music player that uses tags for organizing the presentation necessarily is also an id3 tagger. I know cmus organizes songs by album and album by artist but it does not allow you to modify and change id3 tags inside of cmus.

I did answer file based but actually I tend to use tag based music players, I just tend to think of an album as a single folder because any time my music players deviated from that I corrected it manually in an id3 tag editor. Im not even sure what pure folder based music players exist (im sure they do exist but most people willing to make a music player also tend to be more likely to be a junkie for this sort of thing).

@brainblasted File based purely because that’s what I’m used to.

Although I’m using Plex with Plexamp streaming and it’s great. Something to replace this would be welcome.

@brainblasted it's fascinating to me that tag-based is winning on Twitter but losing here

@refi64 they've been almost perfectly inverted the whole time

@brainblasted there's gotta be some moral here about individual control vs automation 🤔

@brainblasted this one is hard for me. I prefer a service that has basically all music known to humankind for the convenience, and I like Plex/Plexamp for the music I have explicitly bought.

But on my computer? Just give me a simple audio player utility so I can listen to the odd MP3 file or voice recording or whatever.

I feel the same way with photos and videos, fwiw.

@brainblasted this line of thinking is behind the decision of Pop!_OS to ship viewer/player apps over library apps, for example, as well as the change in direction for elementary Music.

While library apps are super valuable—especially for offline folks—practically it seems that connected users prefer to consume media via a service rather than with local apps. And those who prefer local apps REALLY prefer a specific app or workflow.

@brainblasted but I do love Amberol which basically lets me treat it like an audio player utility OR a lightweight session music player depending on what I open (a single file versus a folder of tracks). It strikes a PERFECT balance for a default desktop app experience in my book.

Otherwise, I honestly think you have to partner with a streaming service to get people to actually USE your music app.


I'd LOVE to move to tag based navigation for the whole os

Starting from files

Pictures, videos, office docs, web bookmarks

Everything should be taggable and we should have a single browser for all that

@brainblasted Tags are useful but if it can't also make sense of files, it sucks. Not all files are tagged or can be tagged. Eg.: if I share a podcast via bittorrent, I can't just modify the files, because that messes up the checksums.

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