It's really unfortunate that a ton of the new GUI libraries out there for newer programming languages like Rust or Zig have left accessibility as a long-term goal instead of something core to the project.

@brainblasted and most likely it'll never happen, if nothing else because their über idiomatic micro-optimised buzzwordy architecture is probably entirely at odds with AT-SPI etc

@zbrown Excuuuuussssseeee me, AT-SPI was designed by C programmers (a.k.a. subhumans), which means every single aspect of its design is inherently bad. I can't even believe that you'd consider risking the safety of my code by expecting me to link to something like that


@zbrown yes, luckily it is. I wouldn't put it past some people though…


@brainblasted AFAIK Slint is the only Rust GUI library that has started work on accessibility.

@brainblasted I started documenting the XML interfaces recently and will keep doing that - then I really want to write a "how to make your toolkit accessible" manual.

@brainblasted Aren't a lot of these just wrappers around GTK and suchlike? I'm not super-familiar with their respective ecosystems though, so I could be wrong.

@koz some are, but most are an attempt to write a new toolkit in their respective languages.

@brainblasted Also a lot of them seem to aim for GPU acceleration and I don't wanna live in a future where I need OpenGL to render everything. Being able to run the software on old/cheap hardware is an accessibility consideration too.

@Mek101 @brainblasted
A few things wrong with that:
- Progressive enhancement is a thing. Use new hardware iff it's present at run time.

- Making people buy new hardware has emissions costs too.

- A GUI that minimize updates and runs on e-ink screens will always beat animated GUIs that require a high refresh high DPI screen.

@Mek101 @brainblasted
But also, we're in the middle of a chip shortage. Telling people to buy new hardware, especially folks not in "first world" countries, is not a good look. 🙃

@brainblasted that's just one of the many reasons why I stick with Gtk+, even if it is written in C. The Rust bindings are actually quite nice at this point.

I've used Gtk in Zig as well, but it's quite a bit more work.

@brainblasted tbf it doesn't help that the accessibility infrastructure on Linux is so shit that nobody besides GTK managed to get it working at least to some extent.
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