I wish academic papers were all freely available and in EPUB format.

@brainblasted Yeah, people are paid with our money to do research, and when they have a breakthrough, we have to pay again to gain access. It's outrageous!

@ScriptFanix @brainblasted Yeah, it would be reasonable for any institution that is a full tax paying non subsidized institution to gate keep access to their publications, but not anyone else.

So all research should be open.

@LovesTha @brainblasted They (we) f*ing have to pay to access to their colleagues work!

@LovesTha The way research papers work is outrageous!
Papers are reviewed by peolple who don't get any money for it, We, pay them

@mmu_man @LovesTha @brainblasted Yup, researchers have to refuse mafias and publish their work on open platforms.

Yes, it's less rewarding in terms of "impact", but on the long run, you win!

@ScriptFanix @mmu_man @brainblasted The mafias don't require exclusive publishing rights I believe, they can still publish through the journals but should have the epub up on their professional website.

@cadxdr @ScriptFanix @LovesTha @brainblasted

No it's just the "FLOSS is science proper, proprietary is not science at all." of academia…

The most f'd up thing: we pay researchers with our taxes, and then, we have to pay someone who didn't pay anyone, to get the results. And other researchers have to pay to read other researchers results with our tax money. It's extortion.
@cadxdr @LovesTha @brainblasted

@ScriptFanix @cadxdr @LovesTha @brainblasted but yeah, researchers have to up their H-index anyway… 😒

@ScriptFanix @mmu_man @LovesTha mate,,,

researchers need to stay employed, and eat food, often with less than minwage for many years

can't do that without publishing to big journals. tell me let's try to bring that system down and I'm with you, but you can't realistically do academia w/o publishing to big ones at least a big portion of your work

if you want change ask your govts to fuck up publishers

@brainblasted sorry for tagging you along btw, I agree 100% with your OP fwiw

As I said, the system is messed up, it doesn't mean we shouldn't change it
@mmu_man @LovesTha @brainblasted

@cadxdr @mmu_man @LovesTha @brainblasted
Papers don't pay for the research, they don't pay for the review, they don't pay for anything!

@mmu_man @ScriptFanix @brainblasted Yes, I meant must. I was being imprecise with my language.

My thoughts go a lot further than just academic papers. Public money should create public goods:
* Research papers
* Software
* Standards
* Media

@ScriptFanix @mmu_man @brainblasted Ooo, I forgot public roads.

That's such a rort for big business, get the gov to subsidies the construction then legislate a monopoly all to profit oligarchs

@ScriptFanix @brainblasted
Worse, the authors of academic papers don't get paid. Neither do the peer reviewers. All the money goes to the publisher.

@brainblasted 100% on both points. Many other people in the replies are focusing on the ridiculous practice of closed journals—and that's fair. The terrible usability of journal article PDF formatting may not be as great a crime, but it's a crime nonetheless!

@eamon @brainblasted Good PDFs are acceptable.

Bad PDFs are exceptionally bad.

If I can't click on your references and skip between the content and reference, etc, it's a bad PDF.

@LovesTha @brainblasted That's a great point, but compared to even a good PDF, ePub files are much easier to read on the typical e-reader (your Kindles and the like). This has the advantages of lower energy use and (for me, at least) less distraction. Just my 2¢!

@eamon @LovesTha @brainblasted and being able to do such things as scale the fonts.

totally niche use case, i know, but i really appreciate actually being able to *read* things

@meena @LovesTha @brainblasted That's right! I won't presume to know anything about your situation, but personally, I'm hitting the age where default font sizes simply will not do.

@brainblasted Epub would certainly save us the trouble of citing page numbers.

@brainblasted oh yeah!! both of those things would make my life a lot easier

@brainblasted Same --- Although I actually don't really like EPUB format particularly --- I really want a format more similiar to wikipedia.

@brainblasted i wish they were freely available and in HTML format myself

why the love of EPUB?


@alcinnz @VickyRampin @brainblasted They should be available as semantic XHTML with DPUB-ARIA and some sorta structured data for citations. So you can convert it to an accessible EPUB, a nice academic PDF, a BibTex citation, or a BibTex bibliography easily.

And if it uses headings + figures you could convert it into a slideshow.

@brainblasted That would rule. Add versioning and links for all citations too.

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