Greg Land is part of why I dislike reading Ultimate Fantastic Four, and now I need to read through a 9-issue crossover event where Land is doing the art :(


This video goes into the big reason I dislike reading Greg Land's work:

Greg Land traces just about everything. From the poses to the faces. This means:

  • Characters change appearance from panel to panel
  • Expressions and poses don't fit with the narrative

He traces from porn, which makes the latter worse. The paneling is stiff and doesn't serve the content well either. Reading a book with Greg Land doing the art is an exercise in frustration and boredom.

The paneling is really one of the frustrating bits. Action in a good comic is kinda like animation. The action flows from panel to panel, and when you shift focus between panels it shouldn't disorient the reader. I'd say a good comic could almost serve as a storyboard. The paneling of a comic enhances the flow - the shape, size, and positioning of panels influence where the reader focuses and how they interpret what's happening.

Greg Land's comics fail to use paneling effectively. Actions get lost between panels, and often it's hard to interpret what's happening in a single panel - let alone how it's supposed to relate to the preceding and following panels. So during a fight sequence, for example, I often get lost trying to figure out exactly what's happening or what some character is supposed to be reacting to.

Bad comic art 

Really though, what is with this pose? She's stopping a building from crushing everyone and exerting herself, not doing yoga!

More bad comic art 

Can anyone tell me why Sue is crying out in pain here?

Even more bad comic art 

There's also this facial expression. Like, WTF

@brainblasted This is such a good example of having "confidence of a mediocre white guy"!

And I realize I'm a much better artist than I give myself credit for

@brainblasted watched the rest of the video and like wow. I trace *a lot* but it's from my own things (like my own photos of my own dog even), and also interpreting how human or whatever looks in reality to fit a style or the need of the art is really important! He should maybe at least stop copying from porn...

The cover of Sojourn shown at 4:32 is also whats his name as Snake Plisskin - Escape from New York lol

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