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attracting insects with sugar to spread your genetic material to other organisms is a proven evolutionary strategy, perfected by plants, but mammals don't do it at at all. weirdos.

I requested ssh on "a tediously slow machine" for testing some code

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"oh nia, I remember why I can't give you SSH access to the mac68k with -current -- I need to fix the booter app first. also: macos 8 does not allow setting the clock to 2021. wraps from 2019 to 1920"

why am I reading 2004 Slashdot argue over whether 32-bit code is faster than 64-bit code 

1. YES
2. no
3. YES
4. *constantly referring to 64-bit x86 as "Opteron" because it's some newfangled AMD thing that is only available in very limited numbers*
5. Actually, the benchmarks are WRONG because it's using GCC and GCC IS GARBAGE FOR SPARC. Use superior proprietary Sun compiler for correct results!

alternative aviation fuel, .de politics 

the "alternate fuels" that are the future (we're told), and will be tax-free (we're also told) require more electricity generation than the entire of German capacity to synthesize.

Definitely a viable project and not greenwashing on behalf of the fossil fuel industry

Publishing my cookbook, "the vague guide to feeding 4-5 people", featuring hits such as "add vegetables or so" "simmer for about 20 minutes or until you're hungry enough that you don't care"

it's hard for me to parse Destiny 2 as a name of a video game and not the name of a cheesy oldskool ukg track

It feels pretty weird adding police sirens to a track. Like if you play that at a rave a few people might shit themselves

They don't make em like this any more... unless they're very drunk

don't wanna sound gay or anything, but let's make out bro

Did anyone else learn math with ' as the thousands separator? I'm not sure which country I was in when I picked it up, certainly not Italy or Switzerland

Checked integer operations and has_include being the main ones, I think

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Some of these features will be legit revolutionary for me when I can confidently use them in 20 years time (i joke, i joke)

OH: "Maybe BSD is so gay because all the straight Unix developers got hired by AT&T"

I accidentally got on a train that was actually terminating at that station last night. They turned off all the electrics, so the doors were locked, it drove to a random sidings outside the station, and I thought I'd be stuck there for the night until 5 minutes later it started up again to start running in the opposite direction. Fun times

hmm, I would like to know which software developers think it's good that 100 people are being evicted so that 200 people on programmer salaries can move in so I can avoid talking to them in advance

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