I don't have time for that, I have so much worrying to do.

Excited to mix and master a new track tomorrow tbh.

Why am I so good at recognizing the tits from Aphex Twin releases I don't even like his music


I think I have mild PTSD from being working class in england lmao, there's only so many times you can see someone be stabbed in the face.

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Today is an accidentally smashing things sort of day.


I was always non-binary but it felt like being a femboy would be at extreme risk to my own personal safety due to the violent environment of English council estates

I told my parents I was a woman because I wanted them to take me seriously

I met some trans women who hated men (sometimes for understandable reasons), and it made me distant from that aspect of my identity

I feel safe now

But my "professional" worksona is that of a butch lesbian because I did the whole legal change of identity thing. My birth name sucks, I got made fun of a lot for it because I shared it with a notable porn star

I think I'm happy being a woman for professional reasons.

Just some thoughts on gender following on from kookie's since me and him are in fairly similar places, both previously being basically trans women, and then retreating from that identity without losing our trans identity.

Why not, I hear plastic and fire go great together

There is a lot of crap in the pot but plants don't like growing in sterile environments anyway

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This is the smol I rescued from the floor outside a zoo months ago. They've only just started growing and it's adorable.

Keeping a diary has been very useful in my newly chaotic life, not sure why I didn't start earlier

spam email 

To: tech-pkg@netbsd.org
Subject: Why do we need to wipe? Animals don't

does using the word "avatar" instead of "display picture" or "profile picture" give me away as an Old Person?


Take me home with you like we just met at a dive bar (we can get some greasy chips at the corner döner place then pass out on the sofa).

All this time I was ripping off the lead from Ripgroove and didn't realize, I should be ashamed of myself

Donk is the most shitpostable form of music but it's also unironically good

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me giving @spacekookie advice on music production: yeah it's good but have you considered putting a bangin' donk on it

The blahåj emojis only have sausage and asparagus for food. Germany intensifies.

New laptop uses 1/4 of the CPU time of the old one making music (the old one was at 100% near constantly)

"Poor laptop. Imagine only being able to think about filters and reverbs."

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