ich: "ja, katzen 'miauen' in deutsch"
waschbär: "wie klingt der waschbär?"
ich: "gute frage"
ich: "es ist 'was sagt der fuchs' nochmal wieder"
waschbär: "...das ist ein schreckliches lied"

corona, odd coping mechanisms 

friendly neighbourhood trans couple is going shopping for us. Since I still have no idea what we're in for long-term, as far as symptoms go, I've requested tons of ice cream, warm tea, and tons of stuff for making soup

yelling "damn kids, turn that music up" out of my window

does anyone on this website like shiny things

btw i disagree with the classification that it's speed garage - i had to pitch it _the fuck_ up to play it in a speed garage set - and also it has functional melodies and harmonies and probably some knowledge of musical theory, completely inauthentic!

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i spun this rekkid at the last small-party-for-queer nerds we did. it was easily the most cheesy poppy thing i've ever played there, but it keeps growing on me and i keep going back to it. there was something powerful about playing it that night, maybe because we'd all glammed up to be with friends, mostly by dumping glitter on our faces. feels like it went down well.



even though nearly every cis person i've interacted with recently has reacted with general confusion at my existence, and either awkwardly asked whether i'm a girl, or awkwardly asked for my pronouns

and i pretty strongly resemble what people draw when they try to draw Queer Genderfuck Butch Woman-ish Person

i am still incapable of Feeling Valid. weird that

maybe i need more spikes and patches

DJing is a natural profession for raccoons because you're just sticking your paws into bins to find a tiny piece of treasure amongst the trash

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OH: *extreme scottish accent* bloody virus, makin' it so aye cannae meow properly!

dating site bio: i hope you are willing to listen to my old man rants about capitalism, technology, and my own body

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