anyone out there working on variations of copyleft-ish licenses that include provisions for machine learning models trained on the content in question? (i'd personally like to have, e.g., MIT and CC-BY licenses that include a clause like "any model trained on this must also include the attribution")


@aparrish Is there any reason you can't add an extra clause to the MIT/BSD license with that requirement? Those licenses are pretty easily extensible

@aparrish (I'm a bit confused because the examples you gave aren't generally considered copyleft, or at least wouldn't be by the FSF)

@n yeah I'm using "copyleft-ish" in a sorta umbrella way (probably inappropriately), not sure how to encompass everything I want to encompass otherwise

@n of course I *could*, but I'm wondering if people are already working on the problem of wording, publicity, legality, etc.

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