also sweden (lund and gothenburg) after that! let's hug

i still don't have tickets/hotels for most of this but aaah i'm eggsite. going to hug so many cuties!

lmao i arrived to the airport and realized i booked a flight for a completely wrong day, two weeks from now, no idea how. talked to someone, got it rebooked for 150 eur, a fair price for being a dumbass.

security flagged the left pocket of my shorts. i flip up my skirt, check what's in there, it's drugs, and they let me pass without inspecting further. i'm serious.

it's silly how much overhead airports have. it doesn't make sense to take this flight, but it's full (i got the last seat) because deutsche bahn treats their workers like crap

fun, l*fthansa's on board wifi has a free tier called "chat" for "instant messaging access only", not sure how that's restricted but this works, irc over mosh (udp) works

so far other than the speed it seems completely unrestricted, all tcp udp and icmp, but i can't ping/access,,, meanwhile, opendns ( just works. no idea.

we arrived 20 mins late, couldn't immediately leave "because the door to the airport isn't open", and there's no one in passport control. completely unstaffed. lol.

they opened the wrong door, the correct one has no passport control. amazing

anyway hello berlin, your meme airport lives up to my expectation of it being a mess


@dx how long are you here for? I wouldn't mind saying hi if you want, but it'd have to be on a quiet day with not many people - getting around the city is a pain right now

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