Germany but all the place names are translated so they sound like place names in England

So cursed

@n Hello from the vast emptiness north of Sye!

@n That is my favorite Futurama episode, btw.

And yes, whenever I say "vast emptiness" I think of that scene.

@faho It's gotta be Roswell That Ends Well for me.

@n I did love how Fry became his own grandpa, and how that was relevant in later episodes (the big brains that invaded Earth)

@faho I love UFO conspiracy cheese. Also Zoidberg's scenes in that episode are perfect.

"A buffet! But if only I had my wallet..." "Uh... It's free." [horrific tentacle-suction noises, food being thrown everywhere]
"Are you trying to create some sort of alien-human hybrid?" "Are you coming on to me?" "Good heavens, I take exception to that!" "I'm not hearing a no...~" >Rhineland-Pallet

I'm not sure what I was expecting but I know it wasn't this.

@n Slightly amused to be living close to "Yeet"

@n Greetings from Linebury in Nethersex. Das klingt wirklich schon ein wenig versaut. 😁

@n XD except Bonn has the same name!

That's pretty funny/cursed though :D yay! (Sorry for being a random)

really cursed, sexual 

@n Clopbury is where bronies live

@n i didn't read the post and just looked at the picture and spent a while trying to figure out which county this was. it's accurate.

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