when embr mentioned there's a new Animal Crossing expansion my brain immediately jumped to "Rise of Rome", because apparently all game expansions are Age of Empires

now i'm thinking every game _should_ have a Rise of Rome expansion, where you have to repel the invading Western Roman Empire, regardless of its actual setting or context


Euro Truck Simulator: Rise of Rome Expansion

It's like normal Euro Truck Simulator, except people keep setting up road tolls in Latin, you have to fill out customs paperwork on stone tablets, and people keep puncturing your tires with spears for some reason.

@n Also, once you reach Rome, the game ends.

('Cause all roads lead to Rome -- but nobody actually say it could be other way around too.)

@n but does it also include Carthage, Palmyra and Macedonia?

@n (ah damn I wrote this before seeing the post above)

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