The removal of toot feels insecure, like mastodon needs to be taken more seriously.

I s2g if this was a change requested by the EU


@oct2pus i use in german and the button says Tröt! for me

@oct2pus oh, by the way, german, among other things, is case sensitive. wonderful cursed language.

to noun you capitalize, so Tröt is a different word from tröt. Maybe. Neither are in the fuckin dictionary

@oct2pus you may notice that my german posts are all lowercase. This is because I am a no good street punk who doesn't really care to make much sense

@faho @n isn't eugene german...why Tröt? shouldn't it be Törööö!

@n remember the tag line about mastodon being twitter without nazis was a pretty bad selling point in hindsight i cant remember if the community kept repeating it or if a journalist decided to say it.

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