@ america you should put the people who did this to your cities (general motors) on trial for criminal actions

just wanna show how cool the design of this Psion PDA is.

it has a monochrome screen, full keyboard, compact flash storage, runs on AA batteries, and can run NetBSD. Probably the ultimate portable vi computer lol

"An example of having level C2 English"

25 years of speaking English and I don't think I've ever seen the word jollity before πŸ˜…

"Es ist nicht erlaubt Fotos zu machen!!!" :(

Unix mit MATE auf dem Werbedisplay, oder...?

so I got this comment.

1. you should totally get into it. my initial costs were basically nothing - i use entirely free programms (lmms, audacity), and my drums are mostly sampled from old breakbeats which are "effectively public domain". i think being cheap makes my stuff sound unique.

apart from that, spend a lot of time reading up on styles of music you like, watch youtube tutorials, etc. Buy some studio monitor speakers (~80 euros for a decent pair on eBay) when you're ready to release stuff for general consumption, they allow you to mix tracks that will sound good regardless of how someone listens)

2. bisexual musicians union letsgetit

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