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Soli-Crêpes are back!

Come have crêpes and help support your local #queer community

After a winter break, we are back with
Soli-Crêpes for all of you!
Come see us at the JUP on Sunday 22/05. We'll be serving up fresh vegan pancakes in exchange for donations.

Where? JUP, Florastraße 84, #Berlin
When? 2022-05-22 14:00-18:00



these meat alternatives are really getting realistic, they've finally figured out how to make my digestive system feel like a bag of rocks

@anarchiv also on bikes oO

Im kinda jealous of the kids who grew up in Berlin, they had way more freedom to roam and do interesting stuff than I did in the suburbs.

@anarchiv You see kids around here alone on the metro trains all the time, and at parks on their own.

@chartier @Vordus It's because of the way the country is designed. Entire US city centres were bulldozed to make freeways and parking lots. They destroyed their cities for the car under the direction of General Motors.

The kinda girl who wears a boyfriend shirt with boyshorts and a baker boy hat :catThink:

First zucchini of the year transferred to a larger pot :blobRaccoon:

@ghost_bird All disappointments that are expected if you don't go to the place run by Kurds with a Rojava collection plate on the counter, of course.

@ghost_bird I _did_ go to those in London. I must say I'm disappointed, the general quality and vegetarian options pale in comparison. If you can't hear the bread crunch when you bite into it, they don't offer durum wraps and at least three sauces that absolutely drench the thing, there's some red flags right there.

@ghost_bird Seitan is mostly in döner form in Berlin (of course). It's bloody delicious, but I have to travel 15 minutes on the train because The Local doesn't do it.

@ghost_bird Yup, I remember. Never went there. I've had vegan fried chicken once in Sheffield and it felt like I would get heart disease, which I guess is the intended effect

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them: "whoever designed these screws is satan!"
me: "is that seitan döner or seitan dürüm?"
them: "..."
them: "step back or be stabbed with a screwdriver."

@Vordus @chartier In my area the average residential building height is 6 floors, there's a tram, bus, metro rail, and regional rail all within 2 minutes walking distance and arriving every 10 minutes, and there's still as many cars parked on the street as anywhere else in Europe. The answer nearly always comes down to planning regulations rather than inherent facts about density.

@luminesce I think it's there. They've reached the bottom of the pot and are starting to take the shape of the bottom of the pot.

Does anyone know when it's a good time to re-pot zucchini seedlings that you're growing indoors? Since I'm using transparent pots, I can see the root systems. They stems of some of my plants are starting to get quite firm but I'm unsure when it's safe to give them more space.

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