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I was called BATTYBOY constantly in the UK.

Really it just means ASS BOY. But it's Jamacian slang, basically means "faggot".

But ASS BOY is kind of a hilarious insult. You LIKE THE BOY ASS.

Well, yea.

Hmm, though it didn't want to boot onto my 1TB disk using Legacy Mode. Luckily I had enough free space to add an EFI system partition...

Show thread i'm pretty sure even if you did it wouldn't be vulnerable

the bug is "in polkit" but the real bug is that, unlike every other POSIX-ish operating system, linux doesn't enforce that argv[0] is valid

on *BSD, solaris, qnx, etc, trying to run the exploit just throws back an -EFAULT or -EINVAL

I think I am going to curl up and cry instead of do my job today, I've been trying to get this fucking embedded system to boot for the past week but it's detecting disks in the wrong order or some shit and I just can't.

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i struggle a lot with feeling like i have to prove my worth to people which i think is a lot of why i've been pushing myself so far recently

it just feels like anything i do someone else could do more effectively. I used to pride myself on being Good At Computers but as I've got older I've found a lot of people who are way better and it's made me try to find something else to give my life meaning, but everything is an uphill struggle

being told that people would look down on me for not working on the most exciting computer technologies at the most exciting startups, even though i think that's a bullshit reason to look down on someone, hit me very hard


Warning: weed consumption may lead to late stage necromancy

none of my netbsd boxes actually have policykit installed lol


might be because i'm stoned but whatever, bruschetta > sex

we are all mildly fucked on this blessed day


a single word for "old computer collection"

german is a good language

Berlin apartment search. 

The beginning of our deep stare into Hell.

Thinking about becoming one of them guys that tries to sell my mixtapes at a flea market with a spliff in my mouth while looking mildly pissed off at all times, and tries to scam you out of 20 extra cents while my pal pretends I'm the next big thing in music that all the record labels are trying to sign

Today I fed the output of my mixing deck into a compact cassette recorder while I played records

or alternatively, for the kids, I made a mixtape

It sounds lo-fi as *fuck*

Beastie wouldn't talk to the cops, so why would you?

@n you support audio production on BSD like atlas supports the world on his back

Part of the struggle of doing music production on BSD: upstream projects will randomly deprecate working support for your OS by surprise

re: spam email, nsfw, bad 

Why is there still so much spam for dick pills anyway, they're not hard to get at all... hell my doctor has a mug saying I should ask her about them

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