This might just be me, but the singer of Dendrites sounds like Nickelback.. comparable vocal range probably.

Can someone tell me if my assumption that every name change requires you to register a new contact at ISNIC is correct? Or can I just sent them an email to change it, because name is the only field you can't change.

I'm looking for a trekking belt, which is stretchy, made of nylon and canvas, ideally not iron/metal belt buckle, and stretchy in so far that it actually keeps your pants tight. Additionally this should be between 120cm and 130cm (I guess, measuring by low rise jeans) and suited for daily wear. if someone is interested in the German perspective on legal changes for trans people, this documentary was recommended to me as good so far (after watching half of it), and it has English subtitles.

Ok, jetzt verstehe ich es,wo ich ich es zum zweiten Mal sehen konnte. Thailändisches Benefiz/Spenden Fest für die Flutkatastrophe in Deutschland. Wenn wer Sonntag spontan bei Mülheim ist:

Some researchers are so unethical they deserve to be punched by every door they encounter in their life.

what I read:
A lot of people are confused by the concept of "cat ears,"

what the post said:
> A lot of people are confused by the concept of "cat years,"


I'm sitting here, scanning documents I have to keep in files and folders, and I wonder why German bureaucracy can't hand them to me in digital format and on paper in the first place.

bei Frankfurt muss ich immer an dieses Lied aus meiner Jugend denken:

Very rarely I get to read profiles at work of gay cis men based in mainland China who are looking for a queer womxn to basically have a fake relationship, sometimes even marriage, with because of family, expectations, safety,... It's sad that this is still a thing :/

Geheimratsecken, where rats are exchanging secrets and are plotting the overthrow of the government 🐀​

(Probably) White scientists now have evidence for what native people of turtle island have passed on in history since forever - they've been there long before anyone else.

TIL: in Herford, NRW, region East Westphalia, there is one of the few statues of Tupac. Put up during an art exhibition, and left standing.

does anyone know how the skirts and dresses from Long Tall Sally are fitted? is it size accurate, or is there room, or do they run a size small, or,...

I'm thinking about ordering there, if I find no similar store in germany.

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