After my chat earlier this year with the nonbinary person who was into skating and wanted to take me on a date skating roller skates which never happened... I still wonder if I can find good looking (read: bright, neon colors, colorful, whatever) in roller skates in my size without summoning a demon to create them.
Inline Skates in boring colors: no issue. Roller Skates in not-boring colors (or Roller Skates in general): Big Issue.

Did anyone read the 2 or 3 books which came out after the Millennium trilogy? Are they worth reading if you liked the original 3?

I'm not sure if they argued with the same reasons today most old mining districts are protected, but most remaining old mining houses are protected buildings in Germany, Heusnerviertel was a district with such buildings - empty (as far as my reading goes) when they started to get repurposed by the community.

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Destruction of the buildings was illegal it turned out later if I skipped through the right parts of the article, and so was not allowing the people to get their belongings out first.

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Let's say it was one of the largest, not the largest. But 40 houses is definitely a high number.

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This article mentions a movie by some of the people who lived in the district, so there was something which survived the years.

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TIL via Black Pidgeon Dortmund about the Heusnerviertel, at the time the largest squatters district in Germany, in Bochum. From what I've read, they did no documentation or any kind of writings, so it's difficult to tell the right story.
They squatted 150 flats in 40 houses, defended it until they had to leave for some reasons.
There's some details on Wikipedia, and in newspapers.

Is "Love Me For Who I Am" okay/good in terms of nonbinary representation? I've had this so long on my to-read list that paperbacks of it are starting to disappear.

If anyone wants to support one of the 2 original and independent brands for trans people in Germany paying off a debt and reducing the wait time for pieces of clothing they create:

I have seen no news about this, but the campaign only started yesterday.

klingt nach nem netten Buch :) gibt glaube ich wenig deutschsprachige Jugendbücher mit queeren schwarzen Protagonisten

Queer cinema recommendation:
In 2020 we watched Futur Drei in cinema, for a German movie which is also a bit more artsy it was really good. I'm surprised to find that it had releases in the USA as well.

There's a new autobiographical manga out now translatesd to English, called X-Gender, by Asuka Miyazaki.
Not sure how familiar you are with Japanese nonbinary equivalent terms, this is one of them. It tells the story of a nonbinary person. Volume 1 out now.

(follower) questions:
I'm looking for vegan (and therefore hopefully skin friendly) glow in the dark / neon eyemakeup as well generally neon and/or pink/purple makeup palettes.
Are there any brands you'd recommend?

If I haven't shared this a while ago, it's an interesting and really touching picture portrait story website about the LGBTIA+ Community in China

Stolpersteine, memorial, NS Germany, English text in link, trans woman

amazing that they also get biography right sometimes.
dated language, but hey..

Grammar is descriptive not prescriptive.
I wonder how much spoken German regiolects throw learners off when there are people like me, who speak all kinds of regional specific language quirks, and also:

My response to "Ich habe keinen Hunger", "Ich mag das nicht", "Ich gehe ungern an der Straße lang." and other sentences is:
"Ich auch nicht" (and variations of that). Grammar says it should be "Ich auch". I just grew up with this and it feels natural to me, it would take a long time to look into why I do this. My guess is northern/eastern ruhrarea dialect.

does route + ipf support what ip + iptables does with fwmark and --set-mark?
On initial reading of the manpages, it seems as if route does support tagging, but it reads as if this is different to the mechanism on linux

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