Every artist I've commissioned Icetal recently decided on her having buff arms so im just imagining Icetal like


new tabletop character chad virginskys, he's obsessed with flight so he's studying to be a wizard but he kinda blows ass at it because he's actually a sorcerer.

re: angery 

This is where I end it

Problems to solve for next week: walls too short, screws too short, wiring needs to be adjusted, spacing on pegs for the pi are off, clearance for the usb-c screw holes could be improved, I need a tighter fit for the buttons (might be better for a formal v2 revision).

I also rather just be doing the main fight stick already. Le sign.

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re: angery 

i have to put this down for now because i can't deal with this

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fucked up three pins, the walls need to be printed taller and ill need new screws to match.

one of my favorite homestuck fanartists/writers (@schiachperchten on birdsite) occasionally draws random ephemera from her Earth C setting and this is my favorite thing now

Most of the way through soldering my all button pad. Im filled with solder smoke, burnt plastic particles and orange juice.


Wordle 342 4/6


Minor characters from one of my stories... my bunny/demon family haha

#MastoArt #OCs

I want sync folders on my desktop and I absolutely use folder links a lot for art commissions to group my ref images and prompt together. Its very handy now that nobody seems to want to do art commissions over email, instead preferring IM solutions like discord or social media messengers.

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