Gridifying my parts, finished my heatset inserts, now working on my heatshrink (God this is a lot of filament)

Ran out of filament printing this shortly after waking up lol, dual tone effect looks neat but its a shame this spool is gone since I really liked that shade of blue :(

Accidentally printed an extra, but it worked out because I needed an additional one to store all the 3/32" heatshrink

woopdie doopdie

added my picos, usb-c pcbs, choc keycaps and choc stems (i've never seen anyone use these)

and now we got the lil caps for my all button fight stick. i also printed one that was too small by mistake so i put some loose screws and nuts in there

Been a second but I got a buttload of new parts. It does feel nice to have all these little guys organized.

More stuff added. Everything looks cool in translucent PETG :catClap:


Drawer 2 start, I do have some more room in the back ig but drawer one is almost full. I also began working in tools with a weighted plated.

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