i learned 1.5 u is possible.

heres one alternative to force standard staggering. i suspect it'd look worse in practice since functionally every empty bit is just exposed plate.

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okay these colors are nicer. neither of which will actually be the final colors but its nice to have a reference sdvdfvgb

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humoring a key layout.

i want to fit it in a 60% case, no idea how im filling the gaps if i put it in an off the shelf case.

layout assumes i use a layout that only has 1 and 2U maximum support, so it just becomes ortholinear, it also probably wont have legends because of that.

i could possibly force the number row to align by shrinking backspace but small backspace feels jank (the same reason the space bar is 3 fucking 2u bars)

she then promptly put the outfit away because she not confident enough to share THE TRUTH with the world all alone.

artist: @shadowbrook@tumblr.com

im gonna try getting 10 minutes of monkeytype (5 2 minute sessions with punctuation) a day. theres no good reason for this besides need to justify 300+ dollars on a keyboard.

do you tip waitresses at anime convention maid cafes ive never been to one

artist: @shadowbrook@tumblr.com

i built a 65% keyboard w/ kailh box whites with a kailh box crystal jade for the spacebar. I used zealious stabilizers. the keycaps are some cheap SA profile ones i found on KBDfans (vaguely watching group buys for future ones)

the space bar is very rattley, the other stabs seem better. biggest problem was realizing i lacked a ` key. so now its on the entire opposite side of the keyboard. whoops.

They tried to get this shot for hours only for them to realize they weren't even facing the camera. They finally gave up and went to Dennys.

artist: @applied-juice@tumblr.com

Just got a baggie in the mail, 420 

Haha no its just stupid nerd shit idiot did you think I was cool?

see this is why i dont watch vice videos. how is anything in this video going to live up to the expectation they set?

kbdfans.com/collections/deskma getting obsessed with keyboards again so expect stupid keyboard shit from me in the future

i briefly considered this deskmat because cute anime girl but do i really love this anime girl enough to keep her for like, 2-3 years? anime girls are a big investment so i had to pass


realizing it might be fun if i had a guy running at the bottom and he shot up blocks towards the top.

biggest problem is making a 8x8 sprite because you have to animate it

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