rough version of the walls of my fightstick

i'm going to make a bump in the middle for screw holes/aesthetics. this post is mostly a note to myself

Add a little spool holder for my wires to the list. Need some m3 threaded rods to hold this together tho

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replacement grips for my snippers since they move around all the time and the clip keeps coming loose after 2-3 snips, and a wire holder for my solder.

RN i'm printing a multipart wirespool holder, should be cute.

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the Hey! JKL is finished!

southpaw all button fightstick, a using left-down-up-right configuration.

circular arcade button caps are courtesy of jfedor2/flatbox, every other other part was modelled by me.

Every artist I've commissioned Icetal recently decided on her having buff arms so im just imagining Icetal like

re: angery 

This is where I end it

Problems to solve for next week: walls too short, screws too short, wiring needs to be adjusted, spacing on pegs for the pi are off, clearance for the usb-c screw holes could be improved, I need a tighter fit for the buttons (might be better for a formal v2 revision).

I also rather just be doing the main fight stick already. Le sign.

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Wordle spoilers 

Italy confirmed a fake word

will probably need to modify the function cluster in relation to whatever screwholes i go with, but this should largely be correct. sans if i need to tweak anything.

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