drama youtubers are the modern nostalgia critic

@n avatar or ava is a nicer short hand than anything you could make up for display picture or profile picture (pp?)

@boobs_idiot bomberman is just a funny spinoff of lode runner anyways

things to do to avoid finally shaving off your neckbeard

youtube.com/watch?v=1w1PvNUOlO i recorded myself typing because yesterday i lubed my stablizers with krytox 205g2 and replaced the stock case foam with EPDM foam and it sounds better.

i swear i only have set -gx QT_QPA_PLATFORM wayland in my fish.config solely to test my own sanity

I like the haudenosaunee flag because u look at it and think "why is it pixelated" then you learn it's like that because it's based on the hiawatha wampum belt, which is made out of purple and white shell beads

@SuricrasiaOnline its time to trick your way into a guest spot to close the gap. They won't see what's coming and you'll usurp control of their brandcast.

Last toot 

Catgirl dot science had progressively less catgirls as time went on

i cant wait for aesthetic nostalgia bait picture sets of the windows 7 UI

cropping my icon to a triangle to flex on the hexagons


Wordle 220 4/6


testing for duplicates is annoying dfbgb

i fear this being used genuinely, and yet i could not fight back the supernatural force that guided my hand to its creation

@nahstradamus you cannot blame yourself. it was unstoppable. I am sorry you were chosen to be the conduit for this creation.

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