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Wordle 378 6/6

friend was right this one was kinda hard lol


my favorite Microsoft maneuver is when they, through their own greed and belief that users/developers have no where to go, completely push away all users of one of their products through their own anti-user behavior that they're forced to pivot into making good software to try and win users/developers back.

@AutumnWyvern the e3 presentation for the xbox one was just so horrifically bad it just sticks with me even now years later.

@AutumnWyvern xbox specifically (i cant even recall what ps4/5 looks like) is looking more like a tv oriented multimedia OS which is what they wanted the xbox one to be. they just had to sell it as a game console because they absolutely fucking bombed the sales pitch for the xbox one and tried to pull some absolute nightmare garbage with DRM.

@natalie no i also meant things broken although more in a "speedrunner" mindset since im watching an agdq vod

i do miss when a console had a certain look to its work honestly.

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i think games should be less reproducible on different hardware. it would be more interesting to have more version differences

nsfw, targetted violence towards you, specifically 

lets see that minecrussy

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I regret to inform you that UI freeze for GNOME 43 is in, like, ONE MONTH 😬😬😬

August 6, to be precise. If there's anything you still want to get into 43, now's the time to get it done and start poking reviewers ;)


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One of my work mates has been implementing support for extensions to #GNOME Web (a.k.a. Epiphany): blog.tingping.se/2022/06/29/We

This has been made possible because at #Igalia we want more of us to dogfood a WebKit-based browser, and the number one complaint was “but, I miss extension $XYZ”. Luckily, being an owner-based coop we can *choose* ourselves to invest time in things like these :pika:

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===== Paid Position =====

Looking for an editor for my novel. like all my stuff its incredibly sapphic so factor that appropriately.

While its not sexually explicit there are sexual themes and implied BDSM

I want to emphasize how I literally drink less soda when I stopped buying canned soda and only bought 2 liters. Simply because the act of going to the kitchen, opening a cabinet, grabbing a cup, putting it on the counter, opening the fridge, grabbing the soda, putting the soda on the counter, opening the soda, pouring the soda is more work than opening fridge, grabbing soda, opening soda.

Likewise, now I grab other drinks more because its a similar amount of work to get a glass.

Adding/removing tiny amounts of extra effort can modify behavior.

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My VTuber because I wanted to try drawing a little more detailed hair :D

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #VTuber

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